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Instagram uses AI to fight against Cyberbullying by introducing 'Caption Warning' feature

Instagram to introduce Caption Warning to prevent cyberbullying

A couple of months back, Instagram had introduced a feature to Shadowban their cyberbullies who comments on photos with offensive or abusive language. And now, Instagram uses AI to introduce another feature called Caption Warning to prevent cyberbullying.

How to attach multiple emails in Gmail

Multiple email forward for Gmail Extension

For those of us who have used an email client like Outlook, or Lotus Notes, knows how easy and useful it is to attach emails which can be forwarded. This features is mostly useful when you need to attach multiple emails while forwarding. But how to attach multiple emails in Gmail?

How to Unlock your PC using your Fingerprint

Remote fingerprint unlock for PC

Have you ever thought of having a fingerprint reader enabled laptop? I do. Unfortunately, my current laptop does not support fingerprint unlock. and the ones that do costs a fortune. Then how to enable fingerprint lock on your present laptop?

Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

As I had always iterated, Tableau is not just about creating visualizations. Tableau is a very powerful BI tool, a tool which gives you insight about your data by analyzing it. And in this post we will talk about the Market Basket Analysis.

How do you Animate a Bar Chart?

How do you animate a bar chart?

To display a variable in a dataset over time can be useful in portraying your narrative of the data. More so when you add animation in your visualization. And the recent trend in animated dataviz are race bar charts. So how do you animate a bar chart?

How to export file names from a folder to Excel using VBA

How to export file names from a folder to Excel

How often have we come across the situation where we had a set of folder with numerous files inside them, and we wanted to count the files quickly, and list their name on a Worksheet? Often I guess, pretty often. So here's a macro which let's you do the same, just by clicking a button.

How to create animation in Tableau with Motion Charts

Tableau animation examples

Tableau can be used to create magic! Yes, Tableau can be used to create more than simple bar charts, and line charts. And here we will see how we can use that Tableau magic to create a Tableau Motion chart with custom shapes as a Tableau animation examples.

How to add Mapbox maps in Tableau

How to add Mapbox maps in Tableau

Honestly, the legacy maps that comes with Tableau are a little stale when it comes to design. There's nothing much you can change there. But, the good news is that you can add Mapbox maps in Tableau. But how to add Mapbox maps in Tableau? Simple, actually!

Have you used XLOOKUP yet?

XLOOKUP Release Date

The whole purpose of XLOOKUP is to find one result, find it quickly, and return the answer to the spreadsheet.

- Joe McDaid, Excel Project Manager

Before I go into details about XLOOKUP, let me give you the bad news. XLOOKUP isn't available to the general public as of now. It is currently a beta feature, and only available to a portion of Office Insiders at this time. So unless you have enlisted with the Office Insider, you would be able to test the features of XLOOKUP yet, and Microsoft has not yet announced the XLOOKUP release date.

Machine Learning Roadmap 2019

Machine Learning Roadmap 2019

With so many resources available online, people often gets confused as to where to start their journey on Machine Learning. And then there are those who are not from a Mathematics or CS background, they love to stick to creating models in their browsers. But if you want to build a career in Machine Learning, you cannot escape the clutches of Mathematics or programming. What to do then? Simple, follow this Machine Learning roadmap, use it as a guide, or as a stepping stone to build your career in Machine Learning.