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Learn Alteryx with these Free Tutorials and Resources

Alteryx Tutorial for Beginners

You would find tons of free resources scattered all over the internet if you want to learn something new like Tableau, PowerBI, or Machine Learning. But if you want to learn Alteryx, there's hardly any. So I have curated a list of resources which would help you learn Alteryx for free!

Build a Machine Learning Model from your Browser

Build a Machine Learning Model

Not all of those who want to pursue a career in Machine Learning are from a Mathematics background. That is also one of the main reason they turn their back on Machine Learning. Afraid not, now you can create Machine Learning models right from your browser, without having any knowledge of Mathematics!

Share large files (upto 2.5GB) securely using Firefox (no installation required)

Share large files securely using Firefox Send

Firefox is helping it's users maintain the highest level of security through various avenues. And in it's latest offering, Firefox has given it's users the ability to share large file (upto 2.5 GB) with end-to-end encryption.

How to add ads.txt to your Blogger blog from Adsense (and WordPress too)

How to add ads.txt to Blogger and WordPress

If you hosting your blog on Blogger platform (or Blogspot), then you would know that Google does not let you upload anything on your blog directories unlike WordPress. Till now this never seemed like a challenge to me, however, Adsense made me scratch my head for almost an hour over this. Recently, I got a message from Adsense asking me to fix "some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue." And to fix this issue, I was needed to upload an ads.txt file on the root directory of my Blogger blog. Wait, what!?

How to Enable DoH in your favorite Browser

How to enable DoH in your favorite browser

DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) makes your traffic invisible to third-party network observers, such as ISPs. You can read more about how it work from here. All the major browsers have shown support for this feature by either enabling or on their browsers, or have plans to incorporate it in near future. Here's how you can enable DoH in your favorite browser.

Easily create Sankey Diagram with these 6 Tools

Sankey Diagram

A Sankey Diagram, or an Energy Flow Diagram is a visualization used to depict a flow from one set of values to another. The things being connected are called nodes and the connections are called links. It is one of the most useful and difficult to create visualization in Tableau (I have written about how to create Sankey Diagrams in Tableau). The reason being, it takes a lot of effort to create the data in Tableau because we can even start creating the visualization.

However, if you can forgo Tableau, there are a number of tools available which lets you very easily create a Sankey Diagram online.

20 Free Data Visualization Tools for 2019

Best Data Visualization Tools 2019

Every data has a story to tell. Now it's upto you how you want to present the story, you wanna create a dashboard, an infographics, or something else. Depending on your story comes the tools of the trade, Tableau, PowerBI, QliKView, or something lesser known, like D3. And not all of these tools are free, so here is a list of best free data visualization tools.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 2019

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 2019

Google Chrome is our favorite browser. And even if you don't like it, you simply cannot ignore it. Here is a list of tips and tricks which would make your time with Google Chrome a lot more productive.

7 Features of Tableau you can use in Real-life

Tableau Features with use in Real-life

Every single person who is first introduced to Tableau goes through a sudden fit of creative designing. The Tableau Public Gallery plays an influential role in the same. These people, after getting inspired from the Tableau Public Gallery, starts filling their Tableau Public profiles with dozens of fancy charts. I have even see in Reddit users posting questions on what charts to create to woo those potential clients/employers.

But as time passes by, and they try start using Tableau in their professional lives, the euphoria evaporates! Where will they implement those beautiful, intricate, creative designs? All they get to do is to churn numbers, and create analysis based on those in stale bar charts. What now, is the question they ask themselves, often.

How to create a Breaking Bad Timeline in Tableau

Breaking Bad Timeline Tableau Dashboard

Now that I had finished the final season of Breaking Bad for the third time, I thought to myself, why not create a Breaking Bad timeline, in Tableau. Here's how I created it the Breaking Bad dashboard in Tableau.