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What to do before Your SAP Interview

Need guidance to face your SAP interview? These tips & details will help you build the confidence you need.

Have The SAP-Pre-Interview Jitters?

The prospect of facing an interview is always nerve-wracking, especially if it concerns a job in the IT industry. The competition is fierce, and the expectations are sky-high. Besides, there are so many things that could go wrong despite your hard work. If your upcoming SAP job interview is causing you this anxiety, it's perfectly understandable. Since SAP ranks as one of the highest-paying positions in the industry, you will likely be competing against other highly talented candidates.

Reset Windows 10 Password using PowerShell

powershell change local admin password securely
Resetting Windows 10 passwords can be a pain, especially if you are unable to get in to your account, i.e. you are unable to login. Here’s a simple way to reset your Windows 10 password using the Windows 10 PowerShell. If you haven’t used the Windows 10 PowerShell before, this is a good place to start since it will give you an idea of how useful yet how simple and easy to use it can be.

How to study Machine Learning quickly before an Interview?

machine learning flashcards
If you follow me on LinkedIn, you will often see me sharing interview questions related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Data Science, along with sharing other goodies. But what if you do not have the time to go through those questions and answers?

3 Secrets I learned working as a Machine Learning Engineer

data science tools in demand
Doing certifications is not enough, you need to do some hands-on (no, this is not one of the secrets). So, even though I was a trained Machine Learning Engineer, until I started working with CloudxLab I didn't know these 3 secrets which every Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist should know.

How not knowing Conda Environments makes You a Rookie

how to conda environment
I'll be honest with you, when I started my journey as a Machine Learning Engineer I never knew how to use a Conda Environment to my advantage, or why I should use it at all! Until I learned about it at work, and now I cannot live without it. Why? For a peaceful life! Trust me when I say this, you too would be relieved to know about what the Conda Environment does, and how you can use it to solve real life problems. So, here's to global peace!

Learn DevOps for Free during January 2021!

free devops machine learning course
Earlier this month, CloudxLab started a great initiative called #NoPayJan. They made some of their most popular courses completely free of cost, just for the month of January 2021!

Bring your Machine Learning ideas to life with Microsoft, with zero coding (almost)

microsoft lobe machine learning
The internet is full of advice on how you can start your Machine Learning journey, how you need to spend years mastering the mathematics behind Machine Learning before you can actually start learning it, and even then how difficult it is to learn. Do not believe those naysayers.

As each day passes by, we are taking baby steps to ensure that Machine Learning is accessible to everyone, no matter their educational background. Because more than the mathematics, Machine Learning needs ideas. And latest in this path to make Machine Learning accessible to everyone, we have an offering from Microsoft; Lobe.

How to Ace that Coding Interview?

prepare for coding interview
This is exactly what every course on coding will teach you. No, they won't. These courses will teach you how to code, but when it comes to facing the interview, most of these courses will have no expertise to share with you. But, you guessed it right, I will tell you how to ace that coding interview.

Creating UI for your ML model using Gradio

VGG16 model for classifying images
More often than not, you will have a Machine Learning course showing you how to prepare the data, create the model, and evaluate it. You'll have a number in the end, it can be anything from RMSE to loss, accuracy, to tell you how your model performed, and that would be the end of it. But that is not the end of it, because you have another equally important step left, deployment. Now, you may not actually deploy your model to production, but you can definitely test it by creating an UI for others to be able to use it.

Will Programmers become obsolete in future because of this Jupyter extension?

convert english queries into python code like gpt-3
Since the time GPT-3 arrived on the scene, there have been talk about whether programmers will becomes obsolete in future. This might seem like a distant dream, but Kartik Godawat and Deepak Rawat has already transformed this into somewhat of a reality.