Learn DevOps for Free during January 2021!

free devops machine learning course
Earlier this month, CloudxLab started a great initiative called #NoPayJan. They made some of their most popular courses completely free of cost, just for the month of January 2021!

Some of these courses includes Data Science Specialization, Machine Learning Specialization, Deep Learning Specialization, and DevOps Specialization. I had enrolled for the DevOps Specialization course as a part of this initiative, and I have received a certificate after passing it. Below is what the certificate looks like:
devops specialization certificate from cloudxlab
During #NoPayJan anybody who signs up with CloudxLab will be able to access the contents of all these self-paced courses. All you need to pay for is their lab charges, although that too is free for 7 days. So if you can devote some time and complete the course you enrolled for within a week you won't have to pay a dime. Post this one week period you can subscribe to their lab for a minimal subscription fee, which is as low as 799 INR for 1 month.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn something new. Head over to CloudxLab, enroll in their courses and start learning now!