Bring your Machine Learning ideas to life with Microsoft, with zero coding (almost)

microsoft lobe machine learning
The internet is full of advice on how you can start your Machine Learning journey, how you need to spend years mastering the mathematics behind Machine Learning before you can actually start learning it, and even then how difficult it is to learn. Do not believe those naysayers.

As each day passes by, we are taking baby steps to ensure that Machine Learning is accessible to everyone, no matter their educational background. Because more than the mathematics, Machine Learning needs ideas. And latest in this path to make Machine Learning accessible to everyone, we have an offering from Microsoft; Lobe.

Lobe is a free, private desktop application that has everything you need to take your machine learning ideas from prototype to production, with minimal amount of coding. Watch this video to see how easy it is to create a Machine Learning model using Lobe:

Isn't that wonderful! You can register with their beta release for free to download Lobe from here. About the idea, Microsoft got that covered too. Here are a number of examples from which you can take inspiration to create your own Machine Learning project using Lobe.

As of now you can only train image classification models with Lobe, however, they will soon extend support for object detection and data classification. So instead of worrying about how you can learn Machine Learning, start thinking about how you can implement Machine Learning in solving real-life problems.