What's Coming to PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0

What's new in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

The latest update for PUBG Mobile, 0.15.0, is on its way and should be arriving soon. The official Twitter handle of the popular mobile Battle Royale game has been dropping some of the new features that will be arriving with this new update. And although we don't know the exact date of the release of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update, however, we do know that it will arrive this month itself. Let's take a look at what's new in this update.

The PUBG Mobile 0/15/0 update will include some new gameplay changes, something gamers have been craving for. The past few updates mostly revolved around visual changes, but the upcoming update should bring some features that will actually change the way you play the game.

1. BDRM-2
The first thing that I am most excited about is the introduction of BDRM-2. This new armored vehicle will replace the popular UAZ.

It can be summoned by using a flare gun when you are outside the play zone. By the looks of it, this tank-like vehicle can deal with more damage, and the tires cannot be deflated on this vehicle as they are bulletproof.

2. Ledge Grab
This is more of a tactical change, and one of the biggest since the game was launched. Players will now be able to grab the edge of buildings and other objects like crates and containers to climb up.

This will give the players tactical advantage as they would be able to climb up the terrace of various buildings, and then use their sniping skills from there. It will allow one to climb in midair moving from building to building, and will enable players to reach certain places where it was impossible to reach before.

3. Explosive Barrels
Gamers who used vehicles sparingly did not have much use of gas cans, until now. Gas cans will now explode!

This too will give tactical advantage to players as they would be able to lure opponents to pick them up before exploding them from a distance by shooting at them.

I am very excited about the new changes! Are you?

Update on October 9, 2019: The PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 is arriving on October 16.