How to Ace that Coding Interview?

prepare for coding interview
This is exactly what every course on coding will teach you. No, they won't. These courses will teach you how to code, but when it comes to facing the interview, most of these courses will have no expertise to share with you. But, you guessed it right, I will tell you how to ace that coding interview.

There is a online service called AlgoExpert which will prep you for that coding interview. This service was initiated by a team of 4 software engineers Clément Mihailescu, Antoine Pourchet, Simon Krafft, and Alex Mihailescu, to make learning algorithms and systems easy.

...but, how?
Well, you will have access to 100 hand-picked coding questions spanning 14 categories including binary search trees, linked lists, heaps, graphs, sorting, stacks etc, and 70+ hours of video explanations of algorithms that are difficult to learn on paper. The solutions for the questions are available in 9 difference programming language including JavaScript, Python, Swift, C++, Java, C#, Go, Kotlin, and TypeScript.

These videos will not only gives you a conceptual overview of the topic, but also a complete walkthrough from start to finish of the actual code implementation of the algorithm. This is done in Python, since Python is very easy to read.

Is that all?
Nope. You would be able to practice all of these inside the code-execution environment they provide which will let you type out your answers and run them against their test cases right on their website. Also, they will provide 4 curated timed-assessments to give you a feel of a real-life coding interview. On completion, you will earn a certificate of your coding-interview preparedness from AlgoExpert. They also have bonus content on behavorial interview prep, and coding intreview tips.

Sounds great! But is it actually as good as it sounds?
It sure is! They have a pretty good success rate, and their users have already got offers from giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Google, Facebook to name a few. You can go ahead and read the testimonials on their website.

And all of these will be available at your fingertips for as low as $100 per year. They also have a similar service to prep you for the systems design interview. It is an unparalleled course on large-scale distributed systems which covers everything you need to ace the systems design interviews which comes at a price of $79 per year. If you ask me, it's a steal! Start preparing today using AlgoExpert, and don't just appear for that interview, ace it.