How to Bulk Unsave Photos and Videos on Instagram

Bulk Unsave Photos and Videos on Instagram

Almost all of us who are on Facebook today have an Instagram account. And every time we scroll our Instagram feed, and we come across some beautiful picture, we save it to view it later. But after some time, our saved photos and videos feed becomes too lengthy to keep a tab on. Then, you need to unsave those photos and videos.

But when you go to Instagram to unsave those saved photos and videos, you'll see that there's no easy way out. You need to go to every photo or video that you have saved, and then click on the bookmark icon to unsave it. This is all fine and good if you have a couple of saved photos on Instagram, but what if you have more than just a few?

There's an easy way to unsave photos and videos on Instagram, in bulk. But for that you need to be using Chrome (who doesn't!). There's an extension called Unsaver for Instagram. You can find it here. This tool lets you to either unsave all or a selected set of saved photos from your list of saved photos in your Instagram account. All that in less than ten seconds!

Using it is pretty simple:
1. Go to and log in if needed.
2. Head to your profile and click on Saved
3. Select the photos that you want to unsave
4. Click "Unsave" and let the magic happen

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