Top 10 Programming Languages of 2019

Top 10 Programming Languages IEEE Spectrum

Like last year, on September 6, 2019, IEEE Spectrum released a list of the top 10 programming languages of 2019. This is their sixth annual interactive ranking of the top programming languages.

And even though this year they have brought some major changes in the underlying metrics and building a new streamlined interface, their basic idea and methodology remained the same, which is combining data from multiple sources to rank the popularity of the programming languages that are used for the type of coding you are interested in.

So let us take a look at what are the top 10 programming languages of 2019.

Top 10 Programming Languages 2019

Now let us compare this to the top 10 programming languages of 2018 released by IEEE Spectrum on July 2018.

Top 10 Programming Languages 2018

We see that Python remains the big kahuna. C++ and R both gained traction, which I believe is mostly owed to the gain in popularity of Data Science. Also, it can now be safely said that PHP is dead, not officially though. MatLab and Swift are the latest entrants. Golang (or Go, as we popularly know it) has gone down a mark.

Do you think Python would be able to maintain it's position in the next couple of years? Let me know in the comments.