How to Backup your Reddit Account Data

Backup or Transfer Reddit Account

Most of the viewers on my site comes from Reddit, which redirects quality traffic to my site on a regular basis. And like any other website, Reddit too is vulnerable to malicious attacks. So, needless to say that it is a wise idea to backup your Reddit account data on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Reddit does not officially allow you to backup/transfer your Reddit data, except for your subscriptions. What to do then?

Now, you might be thinking, what do I mean by Reddit account data? This refers to your list of sub-reddits that you have subscribed to (or joined), saved items.

Here's a guide about the various ways using which you can backup your Reddit account, or transfer data between your Reddit accounts:

The Reddit Official way
Using this process you can copy Subscriptions from one Reddit account to another.
  • Log in to your old account
  • Visit /subreddits/mine
  • Find the "multireddit of your subscriptions" in the sidebar. Copy that link
  • Log in to your new account
  • Visit the multireddit link
  • In the sidebar, click all the "[+ subscribe]" buttons

    Using IFTTT
    Utilize this applet to add the posts you save on Reddit to your Pocket queue. And then use this applet to save your Reddit posts with images and upload them to Google Drive.

    Try Account Mover
    If you are not one of those adventurous types, and would not like to get your hands dirty, there's Account Mover. It enables Reddit users to backup their saved links, or migrate their subscriptions to a different account. Privacy conscious users are also able to erase their comments and submissions from their account if they desire. The best part is, you get to do all of these for free! You don't even need to create an account, simply go to the Account Mover site, and follow these steps:

    Backup Transfer Reddit account

    Wasn't that easy? Always remember, keep your account close, and your data closer. Did you take that poll above? Go ahead and join the poll now, and don't forget to share this on Reddit.
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