Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

As I had always iterated, Tableau is not just about creating visualizations. Tableau is a very powerful BI tool, a tool which gives you insight about your data by analyzing it. And in this post we will talk about the Market Basket Analysis.

What is Market Basket Analysis?
Market Basket Analysis, or Affinity Analysis, is one of the key techniques used to uncover associations between items. It works by looking for combinations of items that occur together frequently in transactions. Let's say for example, a retail store discovers that people who buy a soap often tends to buy a scrubber along with it. So now they would realign the placement of those 2 products beside eachother for ease of accessibility of their customers.

How to create a Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau?
Let's use the Superstore dataset. Now since I don't have Tableau Desktop, I downloaded it from the Tableau Community, you can find it here if you need it.

And here's how you create a Market Basket Analysis Dashboard in Tableau:

This is one of the simplest way to perform a Market Basket Analysis in Tableau, however, you can use Alteryx to get further insights into your data. And feel free to reachout to me via my Facebook Group for any questions.