Learn Alteryx with these Free Tutorials and Resources

Alteryx Tutorial for Beginners

You would find tons of free resources scattered all over the internet if you want to learn something new like Tableau, PowerBI, or Machine Learning. But if you want to learn Alteryx, there's hardly any. So I have curated a list of resources which would help you learn Alteryx for free!

Alteryx has a large and helpful community of developers, data scientists, and analytic experts where you can discover new solutions to complex challenges, contribute fresh ideas, and gain from their collective experience. Within the Alteryx community, you can try the Code Academy. They have interactive lessons that include videos, activities, and quizzes, which will make sure that you are up and running in no time!

They also have live training session, which are available as videos. These videos are available on a wide variety of topics ranging from beginners to advanced.

You can also take the Alteryx Weekly Challenges to sharpen your Alteryx skills. You can subscribe to their weekly challenges, try to solve the problem (no worries if you cannot at the first go), share your solution, and see how others tackled the same problem. They share the answer too.

Alteryx also has 2 free certification programs, the Alteryx Designer Core, and the Alteryx Designer Advanced programs. You can find all about the Alteryx certification programs from their Certification page.

And then, Alteryx has it's regular Learning Path, which is still in it's beta stage.

Finally, you should also consider the Designer, Server, Connect, and Promote knowledge bases are invaluable for learning all things Alteryx.

Outside the Alteryx community, you will find a free Alteryx course on Udemy. DataPrepU too has a free Alteryx Designer course.

Now that you have all the courseware, download a free trail of Alteryx to get started! And if you like this post, don't forget to share it on Facebook, and subscribe to our feed.