How I gained 1074 Karma on Reddit in 5 days

As I said earlier, Reddit is the biggest source of high-quality traffic for my blog. But what does Karma signify in Reddit, and how difficult is it to gain Karma so quickly?

While some Reddit users dismiss the concept of Karma as "imaginary internet points", it is the best metric regular users have available to them to determine, at a glance, if someone is a valued member of the site.

For example, if someone has lots of karma, they either submit quality links that gains traction, or provide valuable comments. Ultimately that means that user has contributed popular content to the site. Now the content, including posts and comments, that the user submitted may or may not be "good" content, but it was nonetheless upvoted.

Also, you have to meet a minimum Karma score to post on certain Subreddits. Let's take /r/videos as an example, it requires 10 post and comment Karma before you can start posting on /r/videos. This was done in an effort to combat spam from newly created accounts. So your Karma also signifies that you are not a spammer. There are Subreddits where you will have to meet a minimum Karma score before you are even allowed to join them, like /r/centuryclub.

How to gain Karma on Reddit

And the best part is that Karma on Reddit cannot be redeemed for anything, nor can it be acquired over a financial transaction. One needs to earn good Karma.

I have been surfing Reddit for good content for years now, but never had an account of my own until recently. I created this account mostly to divert traffic to this blog. At the time of writing this post my account is only 5 days old, yet, it has 1.1K Karma.

And today I'll let you on the secret about how I gained so much Karma on Reddit at such less time.

Post on low-end Subreddits
No matter how good/popular your content it, most of the popular Subreddits won't let you post in them until you meet their Karma score requirement. Messaging the mods will only result in a ban. You can even be shadowbanned. So start with the low-end Subreddits like /r/Funnypics, /r/FreeKarma4U. If you post something funny or witty here, it is bound to get enough Karma to get you started.

Post on NSFW Subreddits
Reddit NSFW is a goldmine. You can easily acquire NSFW content from the internet and then post it on low-end Subreddits. If your content hits the main page, it will become your recurring source of Karma.

Comment wisely, but abundantly
Choose some Subreddit like /r/IndianGaming, /r/RoastMe, or any of the Subreddits mentioned above and start commenting. But don't just comment on any post. Comment on popular posts, that way there's less chance of your comment getting downvoted. So, even if you are not funny enough, one comment will still get you 1 Karma score.

Use credible sources
One you have gained some good Karma to start posting on Subreddits like /r/howto, then search the internet for breaking news and post those. But don't forget to use good sources like Mashable, Bloomberg, NYT etc. This ensures that you are not marked as spam for using less credible sources. Also, if your posts do not show up under New due of low Karma, or because of your Reddit account being pretty new, message the mods politely. Most of them are helpful, and would either approve your post or will tell you why your post was auto-moderated.

Don't push it
While you always have the ability to message the mods in case your post/comment doesn't show up, remember to not nag about approving your posts. No one likes a cry baby. Delete the post instead of sending another message requesting the mods to approve your post "just this one time." It doesn't work! Also, remember to take a break. Don't push the Reddit algorithm to mark you as spam by posting every 10 minutes. Space out your posts and comments.

Try these for a week, and you are bound to get a thousand Karma on your Reddit account. And don't forget to follow me on Reddit!