How to display Medium articles on your site

How to display Medium articles on your site

Medium is the latest "big thing" in the blogging world, or it would be, very soon. It's not like Tumblr, where you would be bogged down by the sheer number of images people share, and confuse it with Imgur, neither is it a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger because unlike them, it doubles up as a publisher. And now that you have created a blog on Medium to promote your content, how to display your Medium articles on your site?

Simple, actually. Here's how you can create your own Medium widget to display on your blog:

1. Go to Pixel Point Medium widget page
2. Enter your Medium profile link. Read this to know how to find your Medium profile link
3. Put the link in the widget, and click on Generate
4. It will give you the options to modify the look and feel of the widget
5. Once done, simply copy the widget code and paste it on your blog

Wasn't that really simple? I said so.