How to get Unlimited Storage on Google Photos, for Free!

Get Unlimited Storage on Google Photos

All of us, who loves to click photos on our smartphones, use, or have used, Google Photos at some point of time or the other. It's easy to use, dependable (because it's a Google service), and is one of the perfect services to backup your photos on the cloud. However, there's a catch. There's a storage cap of 15GB. If you want additional storage, you need to pay up. However, here we will show you how you to get unlimited Google Photos storage, for free.

There are two methods to get unlimited storage on Google Photos.

Method 1
We all know about this method, well I think most of us do. If we change the quality of the photos and videos that we upload from "Original quality" to "High quality", Google let's us store unlimited number of photos and videos. And when we change the quality, it doesn't really makes much difference. Your photos and videos would be as good as the original.

How to do this:
1. On a computer, go to Google Photos settings
2. Change the "Original quality" to "High quality"
3. Click on "Recover storage", this won't change the quality of your future storage.

Get Unlimited Storage on Google Photos

Method 2
Now this is a workaround that, even though seems like too good to be true, actually works. And what's better is that with this method, you won't have to reduce the quality of your photos and videos. Here's how this works:

1. If you have more than one Google account, great! If not, then create a new Google account
2. Open the Google Photos App on your smartphone
3. Tap on the three horizontally stacked lines present at the top left to open the Menu
4. Now tap on your currently logged in account. A drop-down list will appear. You need to add the second Google Account that you have which will act as a proxy in getting unlimited Photos storage for free
5. Select the Add another account option from the menu
6. At this stage, you will need to authenticate your device using your password or fingerprint
7. Now enter the email and password of the second Google account. Note: If you haven’t yet created a Google Account, you may do so right now as well. Tap on the Create Account option situated at the bottom left and follow the on-screen instructions
8. Once you have successfully created/logged in with the newly created email, open the Google Photos App
9. Go to the menu section and switch your account to the newly created one, and you will have 15GB of free space on your second Google account

As and when the entire storage of your primary account gets exhausted, simply switch over to your secondary one. But wait, it’s not over yet. You may just keep on creating new accounts and adding them to your Google Photos App. This way you will keep on earning 15GB of free storage space every time!