How to find the Email of a GitHub User

How to find the email address of a GitHub user

While writing the article 250+ Machine Learning and Deep Learning Resources I got stuck at the point where I wanted to contact kmario23 on GitHub. He was the owner of the data which was used to create the Tableau dashboard, and I was not letting go without letting him know. Unfortunately, he did not list his email address on his GitHub profile. In fact, he did not put up any contact details at all! But I was not letting go. I found his email address from GitHub, using this trick.

You too can use this trick to find out the email address of any GitHub user:

1. Open any browser
2. Go to the URL, simply replace the xxxxxx with the username of the GitHub user. In this case it was kmario23

This will take you to a web page from where you would be able to find their email address. Wasn't that simple. If you find this useful, don't forget to check my Gists.