[DOWNLOAD] 40 Interactive Tableau Resume Templates

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Before we move on to the templates, I would like to be very clear that I do not believe that these interactive Tableau resume templates alone would make any difference in your selection process. And unless you are planning to attend an interview with your iPad in your hand to showcase your resume, most organizations won't even go online to check your resume to be honest. The Human Resource officer would hardly spend a minute to scan through your paper resume.

But, having said that, having an online Tableau resume to complement your physical resume is a good idea instead of replacing your paper resume with the Tableau resume. And instead of building one from scratch, you can utilize these templates and customize them as per your requirement. Please click on the names to reach the respective download pages for these templates.

1. Resume by Anna Jackson

2. Josh Tapley Resume by Josh Tapley

3. Lindsay Betzendahl Infographic Resume by Lindsay Betzendahl

4. Visual Résumé by Justin Davis

5. Christian Felix - Visual Resume by Christian Felix

6. Tableau Resume Karrie Cardiff by Karrie Cardiff

7. Sonia Warang - Resume by Sonia Warang

8. My Resume by Eric Brown

9. Resume by Rodrigo Calloni

10. My Interactive Resume by Helena Dantas Pires

11. Vizume by Pratik Chaudhary

12. That's Me by Tristan Guillevin

13. Jeff Hess Interactive Resume by Jeff Hess

14. Resume by Richard Peters

15. Soft Skills for the Win? by Jared Braggins

16. Eric Balash Tableau Resume by Eric Balash

17. Interactive Resume by Michelle Oh

18. Resume by Marvin Dexter de Guzman

19. Quantified Self / Career Bio by Mark Jackson

20. My Interactive Resume by Midori Ng

21. Resume_David by David (Boyang) Dai

22. Resume- Harpreet Ghuman by Harpreet Ghuman

23. Hemang Bhavasar Resume by Hemang Bhavasar

24. Naomi Estrin Resume by Naomi Estrin

25. Resume by Martha Kang

26. Resume by Anand

27. Dev_Resume_CV by Selvam Devakumar

28. Anya A'Hearn Resume by Anya A'Hearne

29. Interactive CV by Anna Tankel

30. Curriculum Vitae by Matteo Borriero

31. Curtis Harris - Interactive Resume by Curtis Harris

32. Visual Resume 2017 by Grégory Escallier

33. Resume-Umesh by Umesh Sathe

34. Ben Jones- Resume by Ben Jones

35. My Resume by Avinash Reddy Munnangi

36. RESUME by Momin Pasha

37. Resume by Shrija Ghosh

38. Resume by Gurpreet Singh

39. Pris CV by Pris Lam

40. Jasna - Tableau Resume by Jasna Dishlieska Mitova

If you ask me, I would prefer 3, 4, 7, 11, 13, 16, and 21 owing to their clean design, and use of colors soothing to the eyes. If you do not want to use any of these, but would rather start off from scratch, here are a couple of pointers that you should keep in mind. Also, here is a 50min webinar to walk you through the process of creating an interactive Tableau resume from scratch.