50 Shades of coding with Fetlang

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You must have heard about foodgasm, but have you ever heard about codegasm?

Introducing Fetlang!

According to the Wiki, Fetlang is a statically typed, procedural, esoteric programming language and reference implementation. It is designed such that source code looks like poorly written fetish erotica. Here is what a code in Fetlang looks like:

The Wiki also gives a statutory warning that Fetlang is not recommended for production use at this moment, especially in medical or military applications. I can only wonder why would someone try to implement Fetlang in their work environment.

However, that does not limit one from possibly implementing it in said applications. What's more surprising is that Fetlang is Turing-complete by this Rule 110 implementation. In case you are wondering what does it mean by Turing-complete, you can read this. Also, you can download Fetlang from here.